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All Star Pediatrics is a Patient Centered Medical Home and is taking new patients. We strive to meet the needs of our growing community. We understand how important it is to choose a medical home for your child that prioritizes evidence-based medicine and personalized care.

We focus on each child’s specific needs and work with their caregivers to produce the best possible health outcomes. It is our hope that together we can assist our pediatric patients in growing to be healthy, thriving adults.

For non life threatening emergencies and appointments call:

(810) 584-7511

For billing related questions call:

(810) 625-4999

Our Services

Pediatric Primary Care

All Star Pediatrics is committed to provide comprehensive, prompt and up-to-date primary care services to the pediatric patients in the community. During regular checkups, we track children’s growth and development, administer immunizations, and work with parents and patients to prevent disease and chronic conditions. 

Sports and School Physicals

Some schools or sports teams require that your child undergo a routine physical examination by their pediatrician before admitting them. Children go through many physical and developmental changes in their early years, making properly monitoring these changes important to your child’s health. A routine school/ sports physical rules out any major health concerns and catches any problems early. 

Sick Visits

We make every effort to schedule appointments for ill children during office hours. 

If you would like us to see more than one child, please schedule both of them when you make your appointment. Without an appointment, we will not be able to see a sick sibling right away, and you may be asked to wait while the provider sees a scheduled patient who may be waiting.

Adolescent Medicine

A teen’s physical and mental health is incredibly important and a critical part of their well-being. Adolescents are going through physical, mental, and emotional changes all at the same time, while being expected to manage school, friendships, family, and extracurriculars.

Many teen health matters require a delicate, practiced hand to uncover, navigate, diagnose, and treat. 

Newborn Care

We understand that choosing a pediatrician is a very important decision to you. We off prenatal consultations to allow expecting parents the opportunity to meet the physician(s) one-on-one, see the office and ask any questions you may have. Dr Choudhary will come to the hospital (Hurley Medical Center and Ascension Genesys) to see the newborn.

We recommend that you schedule the baby’s 1st appointment within 2-3 days of discharge from the hospital or sooner as needed. At that visit, we will measure the baby’s length, weight, and head circumference, do a complete physical exam, review your prenatal and the baby’s postnatal history, discuss newborn care and development, as well as answer any questions you may have.

After Hours Phone Consultation

We are available for minor emergencies after normal business hours. Call the main office number (810) 584-7511 after hours and you will be directed to leave a message for the on call physician. Please save routine questions (mild illness, chronic symptoms, appointments, prescription refills) for the normal business hours. 


Our practice believes that all children should receive the recommended vaccines according to the guidelines provided by the AAP and the CDC. Vaccines are safe and effective in preventing diseases and health complications in children and young adults. Regular vaccinations help children ward off infections, and are administered as one of the safest and best methods of disease prevention. 

We fully endorse vaccinating children of all ages and are happy to discuss the reasons and explanations to help clarify the doubts about safety or efficacy, that parent’s may have.

COVID 19 Testing and Vaccine

We provide  testing for COVID  as well as COVID 19 vaccines for all patients, based on AAP and CDC recommendations. Please use the link from FDA:

Our Policies

Co-pays and Deductibles

Balances are to be paid at the time of service regardless of who accompanies the child to the appointment. This includes any and all co-pays and deductibles. For all billing related questions please call our biller: Genevieve Psenski at (810)625-4999

No Call, No Show

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please call the office a minimum of 24 hours ahead to cancel or reschedule that appointment. 

School & Camp Forms

We are happy to complete any forms needed for school, camp, sports or other activities.  Please bring the form with you to your check-up and we will complete them and return them to you at the end of your visit for no additional charge. All portions of the parent and student sections must be filled out completely by the parent and/or patient before a provider will fill out any form. 

Record Transfers

If transferring to our office from another practice – welcome! Please request the records be either be released directly to you or faxed directly to us at (810)584-7512.  

If transferring out of our office, complete and submit our “Authorization to Release Medical Records” form.  The form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. We will fax all your medical records to your new pediatrician, we do not mail records. There is a fee for the copying and releasing of medical records directly to patients that is due upon submission of the request. 

Walk-In Appointments

If you need to be seen by one of our providers, please call the office and we will make our best effort to see you in a timely fashion.  Sometimes we are unable to accommodate patients that walk-in the office without an appointment, but will assess the situation and give an appropriate appointment.

Meet Our Providers

Shivani Choudhary, MD

I am a Board Certifed Pediatrician. I graduated Medical School in 2000 and have worked in India, England and USA as a
Pediatrician. I did pediatric residency from Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint. I have over 20
years of experience working with children of all ages. I have admitting privileges at
Hurley Medical Center and Ascension Genesys Hospital.

I am married to a neonatologist and we have two children 12 and 15 years old and a dog who are the joy of my life.

Wendy Lawton, MD

I have been a pediatrician in the area for over 27 years. I’ve seen many changes in my practice but have continued to feel fulfilled with the opportunity to serve all my patients over the years.

Ashley Dreyer, NP

I am a FNP-BC (Family Nurse
Practitioner- Board Certified) with years of experience working as an NP in pediatrics and over 10 years of experience in the healthcare field as an RN. I am board certified by American Nurses Credentialing Center.
Meet Our Staff
Joecelyn Rueda

Medical Assistant

Brooke Hagstrom

Medical Assistant

Genevieve Psenski



‘Dr Choudhary is one of the kindest, knowledgeable Doctors that we have ever had. I love how she always goes further in to detail to help me understand. She is very thorough with my three kids and they all trust her. I especially love Jocelyn at the front desk, she is always smiling, kind and helpful. Highly recommend this office.’



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